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Paul you are correct body work has been a big learning curve for me and you will see from photos still a lot to do.

Mike some photos of the arches but itís still work in progress it could be a few months before I have them finished.

Back to the build itís been a busy week. With house repairs Christmas preparations and offspring.

First thing was to move some spare parts and tidy garage. I came up with a plan to hid everything in th garden lock up as that wonít be used till the spring


So I managed to find a hour with a clear drive and no rain so took the chance to take some photos.



As you can see there is more work needed on front wheel arches to get the shape correct the backs now need blending in. The fronts I am now going to tie in with the original spitfire bonnet attaching a strip of steel similar to what mike did with his alpha build. Also I feel itís time to add the correct wheels. Thatís my next job to do.

So with that and an understanding wife and Christmas Eve I put the Alpha away.

So with that I wish all the forum members which are building cars, enjoy their completed cars or planning future builds a very Merry Christmas and a happy New year.


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