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Happy New Year!
Only had time for a quick hour in the car today, which was around 20 miles with stops.

Unfortunately, a little while after I started the dark clouds started to quickly gather.

With my spider senses tingling I decided to point the car towards the lighter sky…

But it was too late, I got drizzled on.

Thankfully, it was still quite light at this stage, but the aero screens looked like this.

This was the view looking back when I took the photo above.

But I think the headlights make the sky look lighter than it was.

As this was taken from the driver's seat looking forward.

I seemed to be driving right on the edge of the weather, wet one minute, dry the next.

But eventually I was in the dry for the rest of the journey home, so I stopped for more photos.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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