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Saturday - Part 1
I will be dropping my car in to Enginuity on the 19th January to get my oil leak fixed.

Which will finally allow me to make longer trips without fear of terminal engine failure.

In the mean time, I thought this would be a good excuse to do a few other jobs on my "To Do" list.

Last year I bought this cheap leather sewing kit from Ebay.

I also bought some plastic 'Fir Tree' fixings, which I now can't find to photograph.

So spurred on my DaveCymru making his own Miglia headrest...

I will have a go at making my own.

It was a miserable morning earlier, so I just gave myself enough room to work in between the drizzle.

Most people make the head rest to match the hump contours like so.

But that seems to highlight the different sizes of the body shell lip on either side of the hump.

So I tried a more oval shape instead, which seems to works a bit better.

Note: See 'Part 2' for another style of headrest.

Previously, I had also gone back to take another look at Mister Towed's head restů

Which is made up of two pieces of leather joined together, the face and the sides.

So that is what I will attempt to do.

Thankfully, I have a selection of left overs to play with.

I am currently toying with the idea of a using both foams, with the insulation foam at the back, but not as thick as it is now.

But before I do any of that I need something simple to practise my leather sewing on.

So that will either be a leather gaiter for my gear lever.

Or some leather covers for my headlight grills.

Excuse the poor photos as it was very dull out, but you get the idea.

Note: This would only be for parking, to avoid the sharp edge ripping the car cover.

End of Part 1...
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