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Can't argue with that logic - welding puts a lot of heat into the metal. Bikes certainly last a long time.

The new wing stays I built have only a single weld each side now where they join to the flat plate that bolts them to the uprights. Everything else in bends with the help of a MAPP torch. The swap from mild steel to stainless will hopefully help too long term.

The original Marlin wing stays failed as they were very thin wall tube, from what I can remember it was about 5cm away from a weld, although that was a long time ago I don't recall the specifics.

They replaced them with solid rod versions, they did have a weld at the end of the rods where they move under the wings. I modified the replacements to work with the carbon wings I got at the time.

Those eventually broke due to rust which is it why I made the stainless ones:
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