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Default Mike's Sammio Spyder - Year 8

Yes year 8 - seems impossible that I have had the car 8 years since Gary removed my yellow Herald body and bonded on the Sammio, anyway My Dear Wife's Stag is now finished - it had to take 1st place..... I have retired from proper work and moved house, so now it's time to finish the Sammio. I will find out how to post pictures, I know you all love pictures.
My start point now is a driving car, so it's the interior, dashboard, wiring etc then paint.. can't wait!

Some questions for you guys please -

My car is correctly registered as a Sammio Spyder ( thanks to Gary all those years ago ) but is it MOT exempt being a 1968 car? I have read a lot of confusing stuff and would like an answer from the Forum.

Second question can I paint in cellulose any more?? I have used it in the past but now it seems outlawed?? except for farm machinery

Any info. would be appreciated

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