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The brake have now been sorted.

New calipers.

If you look closely you'll see the caliper have 3 bleed nipples one on each side and one on the top.
They also have 2 feed flexi lines.

I thought I'd be clever and just use one feed line and block the other off with a bleed nipple making a duel line braking system.
This was OK until I tried to bleed the calipers !!

I could bleed brake fluid from the bottom 2 nipples but not the top one!!
No fluid came out!!
After much head scratching I realized the caliper is split into two independent chambers each chamber feed from one of the two separate feed flexi lines hence the 3 bleed nipples!!

I had to change the braking system into a duel circuit system.
The servo master cylinder rear take offs now feed both the rear brakes and the bottom chambers of the front calipers and the servo master cylinder front take off feeds the top chambers of the front calipers.

So in theory if I cut a brake line I should still have a reasonably decent (but limited) brake, we hope.

The end result is .
1, Single line braking system.
Cut a brake line and loose all the brakes!!!
2, Duel line braking system.
Cut a brake line and loose either the front brakes or the rear brake depending on which line is cut!!!
3, Duel circuit braking system.
Cut a brake line and have either 1/2 the front braking power with no rear brakes or 1/2 the front braking power plus the rear brakes.

I believe it was VOLVO who came up with the last one!!!
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