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Originally Posted by mcramsay View Post
Any one ditched the external fuel pump and swirl pot set up, in favour of an oem in tank type plastic swirl pot/ pump combo? I'm looking for one that length wise will fit in the marlin tank. Having big fuel vapour lock issues with the swirlpot being next to the header tank and under bonnet temps of over 60 degrees. Causing the fuel pump to cavitate and scream! Also I hate the noise of the facet LP pump buzzing away.
I believe it was Rob Dorey who had his tank altered to accept the OEM BMW pump into his Marlin Sportster tank. This involved recessing the top of the tank, making a screw collar in aluminium, and a sump in the bottom of the tank to accommodate the depth of the BMW pump.
As far as I know no one else has pulled this off!
I have no idea how his mate made the aluminium screw neck?

Several of us have made a sump and welded it to the bottom of the tank - to eliminate the need for a swirl pot and LP pump. Simply run a HP pump located in the rear.

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