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Default Engine choice

Good afternoon,

My son and I have bought an Aeon GT2 rolling chassis. Quite a bit is already done and we are plodding through the remainder.

We have yet to choose an engine which is why I am knocking on your doors.

We change our minds about it every five minutes, currently our flavour of the month is the Audi 3.2 VR6. We like this because we need a tranverse unit, its naturally aspirated and it is around 250 BPH. And, although it is a V6 it has the advantage of having all the exhaust ports coming out of the same side of the cylinder head. So no weird wrapping around or under the engine with vastly unequal length manifolds.

So what's not to like?..well, it's a bit pricey for a donor. And the talk is that it's fast but not that "responsive". More sort of zooomy than thrashy. I like thrashy!

So give me an alternative. Criteria is:

Naturally aspirated
200+ BPH

Other engines on our radar are the Honda Type R, and the fast, fragile (and turbocharged) Mazda MPS engine.

I await your collective wealth of experience to fall into my inbox.

Also, happy to do a bit of tuning to get the horses count up a bit from a standard engine.

Thanks to all.
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