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I counted 5 Tribute cars in all and they were attracting interest. The main problem seems to be that the showground management weren't bothering to make the show viable. Presumably the high price of stands for traders and manufacturers is down to the fee charged to Grosvenor. Many manufs resorted to bringing their cars in and setting up on club pitches. The lack of camping facilities didn't help. Apparently Grosvenor were being charged 500 per water standpipe, that's just connecting one and turning on the valve. The showers and toilets around the site (ie not in the halls) are just embarrassing. Stoneleigh is now being touted as a business park and new or refurbished offices are all over it now.
Having said all that, I enjoyed the show and the wide variety of cars represented. You may be able to see pics and get specs from a website but there's no substitute for seeing the metal/plastic and talking to owners who are only too willing to share their build and drive experiences.
I hope it continues. My personal suggestion would be to DROP the outside trader stand prices to encourage their attendance. I'm not actually sure that the Stoneleigh Park management even wants that.
The deal for a show at the Newark Showground next year has already been signed.
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