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First of all - well done for getting this far! ...and don't be too disappointed if the first IVA fails; that's normal.

Regarding setup; you are fortunate in that you have the latest ssuspension. That is pretty easily adjusted in situ. As far as settings go I would personally have it a bit higher than you have suggested (particularly if you want the front splitter to clear kerbs / humps. Personally I aimed for Lotus Elise geo settings from SELOC site. This has worked OK for me (similar size, weight and drivetrain setup.)

Dampers - I run between between 6 - 12 clicks from soft on front and rear

Tyres - 15 - 17psi is plenty

...also, be careful with the alignment. I found that the chassis was not symmetrical and so quite a lot of setback on the suspension. A decent 4 wheel alignment will compensate for this, 2 wheel alignment won't and will cause you problems.

Hope this helps


...also, it is worth corner weighting the car. As it is so light then it can also help make a big difference
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