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Thanks for the replies, it's very nice to hear from some other 5exi owners. I have nothing to complare it with (first car I've ever built), but this has been a nightmare of a build for various reasons!! But I'm painfully close and I just want to get a fun but safe car on the road now, over 6 years is way too long!!!

I think the saddest points have been finding new components seriously deteriorated having barely been used. Had to buy a second fuel pump sender from CBS as the first had sat in the tank with no fuel long enough to be corroded beyond any function!! Or finding large chunks of powder coat flaking off the rear hubs already!!

I'll send some pics asap, I have gone through phases of both absolutely loving and hating the car, but I'm very proud of it and especially the bits I've modified/made (I'm sure most have similar experiences!!). I don't think it's a good idea to be a perfectionist with a kit car, but hopefully the end result will be worth it

Many thanks
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