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Originally Posted by Dpaz View Post
I love the idea of the Sherpa but on a Q plate and 1800cc engine? A touch underpowered? But with a big straight 6, lovely. Go for it!
It's worse than that Jim .......

It's a low compression 1700 cc !

However it was also available in 2000 cc again a low compression unit if in a Sherpa they are both 8:1 and I think the only difference between them is the length of the con rods but cannot be sure.

They appeared in several guises a TC would help.

Oddly they are considered a good swap for the MGB 1800cc [ where they were supposed to go in the first place ! ] as they are lighter and with the LT77 5speed box [ mine has that ] are again lighter and better geared than the 4 speed + O/D..

Still from what I understand of a lightened Sherpa car plenty of power !

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