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Default Small rear silencer for exhaust

A bit of 'background info' ........ Quantum Saloon which previously had a genuine Ford (XR2 system). When it eventually rusted through I fitted all I could get (a Euro exhausts system). Strangely the replacement fitted under the car without alteration, yet the genuine Ford part needed a little cut/shut to get it to fit. Other people have found the genuine ford fitted perfect... Hmm, some variability in exhaust shape? who knows. Anyway, the main thing is that the new system resonates a but, and I'm getting old and want 'quiet - not noisy'. Just about every after - market parts I find are stainless (aimed at noisy?). All I probably need is a small diameter (offset centre if possible) mild steel rear box which I'll weld on and see what happens. Does anyone have any ideas? I thought MG Midget may do, but can't find any for sale.
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