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Years ago I had an Imp which I rallied and when the clans came out I wanted one, I really liked the shape of the clover as it gave it much more, I heard at the time that a mini based derivative was going to be made but I never knew then if it got done so when I came across my car at first I thought it was a clan of some sort until I opened the bonnet and it then clicked, I am glad I have it because there are so many after market changes available because of the mini scene it gives the McCoy loads of engine and suspension options and they transfer straight into the McCoy. The engine, subframe and suspention I have fitted was destined to my son's mini project but when that got shelved I got lucky and thats why my McCoy is where it is today, I was going to originally going to do a refurb with a later mini engine and subframes for which I bought a doner but that was sold after I aquired the Honda parts and all the other bits which was going onto my son's mini.....lucky me...the trouble is I started getting ideas for headlight changes and other things which has made this project into what it is today...
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