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Bonnet continued

Applied some satin matt to the underside of the bonnet and assembled the furniture…

The bonnet catch needed a slight adjustment because it was riding high when closed, so back to work and lowered the pin by 7mm..

When the bonnet was in place it was found that the edges on the car around it had to be sharpened up so while the bonnet was off I built them up which improves the panel gap look..

I made some captive nuts today to replace the too short captive bolts that came with the scoop, I had previously drilled the hole to fit the scoop but as the glass bonnet is thicker than the bonnet of the Suburu from which it came the bolts were not long enough

Refitted the bonnet and aligned the front edge then drilled the car for the bracket fixings and secured it, the bonnet shape had some shape errors so I then pegged around where I needed to reshape and applied heat and weights to persuade it to move until the desired curvatures had been achieved.

A few more tweaks required and some edge sanding and hopefully it will fit nicely….
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