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Originally Posted by jones View Post
The bonnet on the tribute kit has an achilles issue, you will notice that probably 90% of the mx250 kits completed people have used external Morris hinges or something similar I want a clean look for mine car. The problem is the mounting point for whatever you use really due the to curves. I saw your solution and thought it was the winner, however when testing out the theory the radius of the edges are too big and force the mounting point too far back meaning you can only open it a few inches before the bonnet catches the top of the radiator. I have some modern mini bonnet hinges to try once I have got the rear body all sanded and blended. The front should be relatively easy as it bolts on and off to try out ideas.
I looked at using boot lid hinges as they lift up and away from the bodywork, maybe that would be the way to go or conventionally hinge it from the back..
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