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Thank you Lucky ...

I have only just seen your posting , so apologies for late reply. The V8 car is a long nose on a Scimitar chassis with a 2004 Mustang 4.6 litre engine fitted with a Tremec 5 speed gearbox and converted to carb. It's a snug fit ... Lots of room in the engine bay but a large gearbox made it a bit of a squeeze ...

This car was initially what prompted me to create a new bonnet as I was worried the engine height and sloping nose of the Formosa would be an issue ...As it turned out once I dropped the engine in place , she sits low enough to not cause a problem but the seed had been sown to do a new bonnet so we carried on !!

I like the new front , it has a bit of an early 50s feel to it so takes the car back to my earlier efforts a bit .. Putting it into the same era as a S*mmio , pre 55 styled rather than the 55-59 styling of the original Formosa ....

The bonnets are slightly more involved than the original to make as a seperately moulded headlight bucket needed to be utilized on this one but I've kept price the same to fall in line with current options available... the larger and deeper grille being used on this one is the only extra expense if you chose that to use on your car ...

I have 4 examples spoken for , the V8 car above, Geoffs wide body which will have to be altered ....a new order featuring twin headrests and a short nose going on a Triumph which will involve me reducing the front wheelarches back to 15'' suitability

and a fourth one going on a Bond Equipe 6 cyl. based car with deleted headrest that will again be adapted to suit and fitted for the customer including inner wing framework etc ....

I've also put together a LHD example with larger boot , bonnet scoop and radiused front and rear arches to house 16'' XK140 wires which may be of interest and is going to end up in Durango Colarado in the near future ..hopefully ..

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