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The only recent article about Ferrari litigation against a replica owner/manufacturer I could find is this from Holland, and Ferrari lost the case -

De Havilland do seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet, no idea why though.

CASCU still appear to be open for business -

Still showing pics of the Dino shell on their website but you get 'page not found' if you click the Ferrari panels tab.

in 2015 Total Kitcar reported that JH Classics were concentrating on turnkey cars and had transferred kit sales to Tribute Automotive -

Not sure how that worked out for Tribute (?) but JH Classics might either have gone under or be selling to such wealthy clients that they no longer need to promote the product. That might sound fanciful, but it's pretty much the case with Martin & Walker's 904GTS replica which they don't promote but sells like hot cakes at a fat kid convention at close to £100k once you add a rebuilt drivetrain -

I visited M&W in 2018 to pick up some Porsche parts they kindly agreed to sell me and their order books were full of 904 orders to the point where they had effectively stopped producing anything else.

I do hope you find an answer.
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