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Well guys I am sat here waiting with hope, maybe the same that you have been that I would put an update on with pics from the last of the NZ sun!

My hope is due to the fact that Wellington LVV withheld finalising the cert due to two issues. Seatbelts and Roof support...
1. Seatbelts - as I has removed the airbag and pretensioners, I needed to fit what is called “web grabbing” seatbelts for the Low volume vehicle regs, determined as req’d as I am above 700mm but below 900mm for impact zone A. Essentially what your nogging will hit in a frontal impact forcing you forward. Issues were these are no longer able to be sourced as were a 1999 onwards requirement and not used that much so manufacture ceased. So in a nutshell that is sorted after about 4weeks of deliberation and back and fore. I meet cert pass standards with what I have, but the regs need updating.
2. Roof support (cage bars) this was always a grey area as NZ rules stipulate a car can only have a rollcage/bars etc if fully homologised and the car is modded for Motorsport regs...of course this car is not that and the roof bars are not a roll cage in the full sense. Again deliberations had and with a slight reclassification of the bars being a roof support and requiring to be boxed in/hidden into the roof structure, agreement was reached to pass cert.

So in a nutshell I am still off the road, sent all the photos off for final inspection of the roof/headlining/box in and hopeful my cert gets finalled this week and I can WOF and Rego the car before Easter long weekend and finally get off driving!
If it was easy everyone would be doing it hey? Cheers.......

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