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Default Large thanks to all for advice and Chris/Dan @ Old No7

Well guys, the title says it all, but I just want to take time to thank Chris and Dan for their inputs and modification/manufacture of the 275 kit way back sometime when we were all less grey!

I also want to thank everyone who has offered advice and thoughts over the journey, it shows me clearly that there is still a passion that burns in the community of kit/custom builds and not diluted by off the shelf bargains imported from a overstocked auto global supply chain.

My car is road legal and making noise around NZ roads. At last! A bit of stormy weather over the next few days in NZ might stifle the trips, but as soon as out on the long weekend I will post some pictures in the Auckland environment. Stage 1 complete!

I still have a bit of work to do on the bodywork prepping for its final looks and style, (Stage 2) but will work a bit at a time, allowing me to keep it on the road whilst doing it.
1st step is the bonnet, removing the flash lines, tidying the shark vents and nose ready for a blast of primer... A happy boy who questioned his sanity at times relating to some of the challenges of doing this 12k miles from Dorset and requiring LVV NZ regulations, but at last breathing easier with smiles on his dial...
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