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From what I've seen of broken wing stays over many years there is a common failure and it's that the tubing breaks at the end of the welds (the heat affected zone). One simple way to avoid this happening, which it has to be said few people appreciate, is to braze the joins. I've had people laugh when I've suggested it (even though my wing stays are still intact), They state that 'welding is stronger. I've even pointed out where they can see such 'technology' which takes huge stresses and rarely breaks.......... Just look at a pair of forks from an old (pre 1980) or a more recent high-quality hand made British bicycle! The forks and the dropouts (where the wheel secures) are brazed together. Consider the force these parts are subjected to when a wheel hits a pothole/ bumpy road - there are bikes 50 years old and more still in daily use. The process of welding can damage the metal, brazing is very unlikely to do that. A cycle frame builder may be able to braze some stays which will outlast the car!
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