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Originally Posted by ChrisS View Post

Thanks for this. I didn’t get anything back from your blog. So much appreciated.

Would you have used thicker bar if you had been using the heavier original wings?

Possibly, but I figure if 1cm thick stainless can hold an exhaust up it'll probs work fine for the wings. However the originals are substantially heavier so they'd probably benefit from bracing / thicker material. I dont really know much about metallurgy so I've not got data to backup my assumptions.

Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
Stainless can suffer even more c/f mild steel from heat embrittlement and vibration, so worth keeping an eye on them. One great mod I saw at Stoneleigh years ago was on a lotus 7 type car (IITR it was a Dax, but I may be mistaken) - It had a 'support pair' of stays on the outside of the wing which went to the hubcap of the wheel, incorporating a shielded ballrace! A neat idea to reduce the 'waggle'
Thanks - will keep an eye on it. I'm a bit paranoid anyway and inspect them fairly often given the problems I've had with them.

The sounds like interesting solution adding support on the other side.
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