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Catch Up – Part 1
Lovin’ the run of good weather that we’ve been having lately.

In fact, when I took the car to Sainsburys after work one day I had to find some shade to park in.

The night before my safety check at Enginuity, I parked the car on the road.

This reduced the noise for my neighbours when I set off early on a Saturday morning.

It also allowed me to do a final oil check/top up before I set off.

I parked around the corner to unlock the bonnet, so it was just held by the leather straps.

I trust the guys at Enginuity and they had the car for a hour for a full check, including on the ramp.

They tightened up a few things and gave me a short list of (very) minor advisories, but a full ‘pass’.

Just time for yet another Sainsburys car park photo before I had to take my wife to the airport.
(And there was no way see was going to let me take her there in the Swordfish. )

End of Part 1…
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