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In the case of your car, assuming it was registered after 1st July 1970, you'll need reflectors that have 'approval marks'.

It's covered in Schedule 18, part 1, paragraph 5, subsection (a) (ii) -

5. Markings–

(a) A motor vehicle first used–

(ii)On or after 1st July 1970 and before 1st April 1991:

(A)An approval mark incorporating “I” or “IA”, or

(B)A British Standard mark which is specified in sub-paragraph (i) of the definition of “British Standard mark” below followed by “LI” or “LIA”

So, if your rear lights incorporate suitably marked reflectors then they're fine, but if they just reflect a bit of light or aren't marked then you'll need separate reflectors.

The good news is that the rest of the regulations are pretty lax for a pre 1986 car: you need a pair of reflectors which don't even need to be a matched pair. They need to be a maximum of 1525mm from the ground and a maximum of 600mm from the edges of the vehicle with no minimum separation distance. They can be any size and so long as they're at the back of the vehicle and visible from the rear, there are no angles of visibility to consider.

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