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Moulleur, JG, Deggsy & scimjim - Cheers chaps.

I always knew that using Barry Sheene's old number might be a bit marmite.

But it is something that reminds me of my mis-spent youth on two wheels.

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Lighting Up A Dull Day:
The roads were damp, the sky was grey, but it wasn't raining, so out I went...

First stop was to the sign shop that did my racing numbers before.

They loved the car and offered to print up some replacements while I waited.

Not easy to see in the photos, but the original ones had a black layer on top of the yellow.

Whereas, the new ones have been printed as yellow and black in one go.

Reducing the diameter by about an inch and a half should make them easier to fit.
( Plus this allowed three roundels to be printed in a row across the width of the material to save time & money. )

Note: The new ones are 'toned down' a bit and actually match the yellow and black road signs they were working on when I arrived.

Unfortunately, the guy had to dash, so I will have to apply them myself one of these days.

Next stop was the petrol station, before I finally ended up in Sainsburys.

But I took another photo from the passenger side when I got home.

I know it is a matter of personal choice, but I do prefer the side with the number on it.

To be honest, I get the same positive reaction from people on either side of the car as I go along.

Best quote over the last two days of driving came from a small boy "Wow! That's a Lamborghini."

Until next time, take care, Paul.

I think Mister Towed started the tradition of photographing your car in a super market car park.

But now everyone is doing it.

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