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Originally Posted by SiennaAlan View Post
Hello to all, I know this is a very late post but I've only just come across this forum.

I am the original developer, owner and operator of Siena cars when it was based in the UK. I designed and developed the car and the company and ran it for many years until we stop trading and I moved to New Zealand.

I still have the original drawings and pattern work and I now run a waterjet cutting company so considerably could produce parts however I'm sure they're all available in Europe as so many have been reproduced.

There are a number of websites who have told the story and have some facts but I still find a good deal of the facts about the development, the build and the number of cars reproduced are erroneous and at best only partially accurate.

If you want to know about a specific car please send me as much detail as possible and we will look through our records.

Happy building
kind regards
Alan great to see your still interested in the countach. Is the sight yours? I'm in Canada, was following you in my younger years trying to afford until the replica world went sideways. Was able to buy a completed KMC kit 8 years ago that I still have today.

So your not interest in a resurgence of Sienna?

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