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Default MX250 rear window problems

Hi all, I need a bit of help from the experienced MX250 builders. My rear window is letting water in!!!!!

When I had it painted the paint shop fitted the rear window and bonded the rubber to the shell of the roof, so not leaking there. They didn't however (despite me reminding them) glue up the drain holes in the top (bottom on the Renault 5) of the seal so I filled the entire gap across the top with Tiger Seal. Still leaking.

Then I set to running tiger seal between the glass and the outside lip of the seal which has slowed it down but still it leaks. And my window seal looks a right mess as I am not the neatest or most patient with a sealant gun in my hands.

I have a feeling (by the way the seal sits in the frame) that the paint shop did not trim the 'frame' enough and the whole thing is sitting proud of the frame instead of in it.

Seriously considering getting another seal of Fleabay, popping the window out and starting again, however I would welcome any advice.

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