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Default Tribute Z3gato (?!!)

When I got interested in kits again a couple of years ago the Tribute models and re-body approach won out over other options, (principally getting a ragged or unfinished Minari with a zippy 1.7 16 valve injected boxer engine).

Whilst initially attracted by the Tribute 250 SWB, I soon realised that I wanted something different. Next up I toyed with the idea of a cobra back end, Z3 hardtop and something like WCAs short nose front. But that was not quite right either (though still a good option for me if nothing else materialised – see the Ferrari style below) so I started searching the internet for images of what took my fancy. I found this... the Alfa Zagato SZ Tonda. They sell for in excess of £250,000, so obviously a real one was not on the cards.

After initial discussions with Chris at the end of last year, and early in this, it became clear that it was a significant ground up design project, and was not likely to get prioritisation from Chris any time soon. A pity as it remains my favourite style and size. It would have gone onto an MX5, MK3 probably. I think that is an Aston Martin DB4 GT (not Zagato) in the background.

All was not lost though. The 50s and 60s Italian designs of Pinifarina and Zagato grabbed my attention and the hunt was on. More web searches followed and I decided that I preferred the Zagato designs ahead of Pinafarina. As well as the Alfa design above, Zagato came up with a few more in the late 50s and 60s. None of them are cheap options to go the ‘original’ route though.

There is this from Masserati....

Especially the back

This from Fiat.....

Liking that scoop and more like the Alfa

This from Lancia....

That front is more like it but the rear wing and grill look clumsy. Elsewhere, images of the dash look clean.

This from Ferrari....

That has a ‘muscle’ presence, and a long bonnet and scoop. But not as elegant as the others and the brake vent is a bit of a wart on the nose (unless you like Cobras).

This from Aston Martin....

Liking the slimmer waist and proportions up front. This is an approved, Sanction II replica that sold for over £1,250,000. Gulp.

I also spotted this on Zagmad's build thread.....

Built on an MX5, it prompted me to contact Chris to find out if the opportunity had gone, it had, ah well.

But it set my mind to thinking, and Chris's too. Was there a way to advance existing investment that could yield a Zagato like style on a Z3? I’ll explain why not Z4 later.

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