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Got the instruments in, the tails were all long enough but to make it easier the tails need to be longer. It would also help if the illumination to each instrument was in the plugs.
I couldn't get the PCB board to fit on top of the dash so I had to balance it on the steering column, fit the dash and put my hands through the speedo and rev counter hole and then wiggle it into position, it goes but only just. The demister vent has to be trimmed for it to fit.
I now need to fit the brackets to the back of the speedo and rev counter, it is going to be a pain, I need to wiggle the dash forward so that I can fit the 6 brackets and nuts but it will all have to be done blindly which is going to be fun.
Smaller instruments were much easier as they could be fitted to the plate and then the whole plate plugged in. The ignition key is from a filing cabinet which when turned turnd the lever behind that will lock the plate into position.
Still a problem with the illumination, on the oilio temp guage the lettering isn't lighting up, hoping it ids s bulb. On the oiio pressure, the gauge is half the brightness of all the others, I suspect that the oil pressure light has taken the space of the illumination bulb. It is very hard to get a picture of but one dull instrument looks awful so I'm sending them back and hoping that something can be done. It shows up much more in real life than it does in a photo.
They do look good during the day. Now working on the heater controls and front bulkhead.
All taking longer than I expected but I feel that I'm almost there.
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