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Default Rain

After my rain sodden day to Goodwood, which despite the weather was excellent.
I got to get close to some exotic car such as this DB1 copy

And this original d-type in the dry motor show building

It was nice to see some part assembled bodies in the trade area

But the best part was the close and personal in the pit area with the 1950's Maserati, Ferrari and Aston Martins.
Where I was keen to see how the side screens were attached and fitted to the main screens

When the rain stopped, I did catch the last race of the day with the Aston Martins db3 taking honors.

My trip to the MOT followed a similar pattern with glorious sunshine before and a rain cloud dumping for my 3 mile drive to the village garage.
The Examiner was a little apprehensive about it being a red reliant scimitar, but he checked the chassis number and V5 as the same so fortunately carried on.

Unfortunately it failed and I returned home with a bath tub full of water.
So my list of jobs for the next 10 days are:

Headlight aim - A bit low as they were shining at his feet, so some serious packing or even cutting of the fibreglass mounting is required.

Nearside front wheel bearing play
- but I think it is the wire wheels not tightened enough as the play had gone by the time I got back.

A rear brake pipe not securely fastened
- so a little clip should sort that.

Parking brake efficiency below requirements - now I had problems getting the required 25% efficiency on single line system with the donor vehicle, so I was not surprised.
Given the scimitar weighs 1390kg and I recon the missing doors, roof, interior, rear screen and rear windows make it a little lighter, the job is even harder.
I am tempted to ask the garage to fix it and bite the bullet for new drums, pads and labour to get the garage to sort it.

Hopefully some good news next posting.

on the bright side the windscreen and wipers do work well!


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