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Originally Posted by timbo View Post
Congratulations, Mike, your car looks fantastic! The colour looks spot on too, great choice.

I wasn't sure how long it would take when we met at Adam Ergen's workshop 2 years ago (!) to get our cars finished, but I reckon we can both be pretty pleased with the results.

Well done indeed.
Thank you Tim for the kind words

I still do not have my M54 running, let alone installed in my Cabrio - but I can, and do, draw confidence that it will work based on what Adem achieved with your engine.
I've promised Sue I'll not strip my Cabrio down until winter so that we can continue to go out in it - I think after an 11 year wait she deserves it. But the plan is to swap in the M54, along with power steering over winter so that it should be a really nice drive next year.

Have you been out in your Sportster this summer? It should be a really nice drive with the M52TU in it all working as it was intended?

................ and dare I ask what is happening with your MX5 project?

All the best

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