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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
several times over several years
i think this one

The AC Ace is the genetic father of the infamous AC Cobra and quite a car in its own right. Developed in the 1950's by John Tojeiro, It was the embodiment of the quintessential British Sports car. As many aficionados will be aware, It was in fact the AC Ace which inspired the vision of the late Carol Shelby to develop the AC Ace in to the AC Cobra with its flared arches and American V8 muscle. The Cobra was written into the history books and the Ace left to be appreciated and adored by the knowing few.

What was lost with the development of the Cobra was the elegance and subtlety of a car with enviable charisma. With the price of these iconic cars having appreciated beyond all but the fortunate few, it has opened a gap in the market and allowed Martlet and Crown to produce a beautifully crafted, dimensionally accurate recreation. The story of The Martlet Ace started with a flash moulding taken from an original AC Ace in the early 90s, after acquiring a jigsaw of panels Martlet & Crown went about repairing and creating a body tub which is available for you to purchase today.

The Martlet Ace

One crucial element that differs from other recreations available is the finish of the body tub, many hours, bleeding fingers and elbow grease have been spent ensuring the body is beautifully finished. You will see many fibreglass cars, even mass production models, with the famous wobbles. This is not the case with the Martlet Ace.

The Martlet Ace's body has been design to fit on an unmodified Triumph Vitesse chassis, hence not requiring the dreaded SVA / IVA. The original Triumph engine and gearbox are mounted on custom mounts further back on the chassis and an alternative triumph propshaft replaces that of the Vitesse. A supplied suspension conversion replaces the poorly designed cart style leaf spring lowering the back end. A readily available Spax adjustable conversion (not included) lowers the front of the car and the body tub then sits on a framework bolted to the Triumph chassis.

At this point in time Martlet and Crown have yet to complete the design of the framework and are looking for an enthusiastic buyer to purchase this beautifully crafted kit at a reduced price and develop the framework with us. The prototype (see pictures) uses a parts of a Cobra inner tub.

The advertised price gives the builder the core components to begin the build, the framework required to support the body tub will need to be fabricated by the builder with close support from Martlet and Crown.

'The Kit' consists of the following parts:

1 piece Martlet Ace body tub
1x Bonnet
1x Boot
2x Doors
1x Propshaft
1x Upgraded Column
2x Modified engine mounts (original Vitesse mounts supplied to Martlet & Crown)
1x Gearbox mount (original Vitesse mount supplied to Martlet & Crown)
1x Rear spring and lowering block

The buck for the moulds was produced in a very high gloss black which ensured imperfections were highlighted and rectified, allowing Martlet & Crown to produce a product which is as near perfect as possible (see photos). Martlet & Crown has implemented a forum to discuss the build and enable the voicing of any questions pre purchase and once a build is under way. This forum also displays helpful photographs of the development prototype, which may be copied or enhanced. This can be found by clicking here and will be regularly updated over the next few weeks.

As explained above In order to develop the prototype, a cut down replica cobra inner tub was used, Martlet and Crown has one of these available for purchase at £750+VAT.

Any questions please contact us through eBay or through our website.
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