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Hi Neil, yes they are Weber twin 40s down drafts. The rockets had Ferrari on them but I changed them to Dino,and repainted them as the high temp paint I originally used was a Matt finish and changed it to enamel. The Dino badges were wuite expensive as I had to but the whole Dino GT badges from Superformance, and cut the GT off.
Regards to the roof lining I am going with an off white, plain pattern perforated skrim backed lining (foam backing) . As it’s foamed backed I will just bond it to the roof.i didn’t really want to make a roof lining panel, however if it doesn’t come out right then that made be an option, but quite fiddly. Something I don’t really want to do.There isn’t much head room as it is, so any reduction in height is going to be a problem.i will take a pic of the roof lining and post up.
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