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Default Paint costs

Having enjoyed over 2.5 thousand miles in 'Marlene' it was decided she needed some paint. Went to Le Mans last year, first drive in excess of 2 hours , and she performed impeccably! 😎 Me and a few mates are of to Goodwood FOS this year, but she'll have to go 'naked' Got 2 quotes from 2 local bodywork 'friends of friends' for the paint job. Quotes range from 2.5 - 4.5K!! 😱 I'm sure there was a thread last year or so that seemed to put the cost at around 1.5k plus vat? Seems an awful lot to pay around 3 grand including vat plus for the paint job. I think that so far I have been given the kind of quote that is almost designed to put me off using them, as it's not just a 'standard' paint job. One guy has eluded to doing it for 1.5K IF we do all the prep ourselves. I fear I don't have the skills to prep it well enough to do the car justice. Anybody have any one they would recommend or even a guide price I should be expecting to pay please? I am based in Gloucestershire, and don't really fancy the idea of stripping the whole car of panels and sending them off, and the re-assembling the car with oainted panels, I just know with my luck I would scratch them all! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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