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For the rest of the drivetrain, there are two major options. Due to turbocharging, the original gearbox will often break, especially with a mid engine setup which offers a lot more grip than the standard cars it came from (without turbocharging, the original 02M AKA MQ350 box can be used). The FWD transverse boxes that (more or less) keep up with the power are:

1. Getrag 6MTTxxx AKA Ford M66, ca. 55 kg, max. torque ca. 400-480 Nm. Used in many Ford and Volvo petrol cars.

2. VAG MQ500 AKA 0A6, ca. 85 kg, max. torque ca. 500 Nm. Used in many a few VAG cars like VW Tiguan or Seat Alhambra.

Both six speed, both do not bolt up directly (adapter plate necessary). Due to the lesser weight, better availability and better gear ratios I strongly favour the Getrag 6MTTxxx.

The Getrag 6MTTxxx marries to the Volvo S60 MK2 inner CV's, Volvo S60 MK2 driveshafts, Ford Mondeo MK 3 outer CV's, and Alfa 166 wheel hubs.
Alternatively, one can use Ford Mondeo MK 4 inner CV's, Ford Mondeo MK 4 driveshafts, Audi A6 C4 outer CV's, and Audi A6 C4 wheel hubs.
(Both options enable 5 x 108 mm PCD at the rear)

Up front, I think of Audi A6 C4 wheel hubs on the Fiat 124 stub axles, as this enables 5 x 108 mm PCD up front.

Brake wise, I think 312 mm vented discs front and 280 mm vented discs rear, as this fits 16 inch wheels. Brand mainly depends on the choice of hubs.

Ciao, Kai

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