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Default First 2021 update....

Well, after far too long, I managed to find a couple of hours in my garage this week. My last update was last May in the middle of the first lockdown when I was working on a centre console/arm rest which is still not complete.
The reason for the lack of progress was due to having an extension built on our cottage which was done by a builder but inevitably lead to a string of other jobs, like decorating, lighting, curtain rails and, not least, re-laying the patio. Despite three lockdowns, I've still not found much time to work my Sabre.
So back in the garage, the first job I've tackled is remounting the rear fog and reversing lamps. I had mounted these using the rather flimsy adjustable brackets that they came with. But they seemed to move every time I walked past the car which I was not happy about. Not wishing to fail the IVA test on something silly like this, I decided to sort this out and I have removed them and re-mounted them on some more substantial fixed brackets. I have also fitted the rear reflectors whilst I had the bumper off the car.(Nothing worth photographing)
I'm now working on the upper seat belt mounting points. My car was designed and manufactured in 1994 which was well before SVA/IVA and the seat belt mounting points are too low to meet the current requirements. One advantage of a 'somewhat protracted build schedule' means I've had lots of time to mull this kind of problem over and I think I have come up with an elegant solution. I'll take some photo's when it's finished.

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