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I guess like with anything, practice, experience and the right tools for the job, will determine the outcome.

I know how much a quality paint job will cost, that is the no 1 reason why I'm wrapping it.(free)
The mx250 will be quite difficult to wrap mainly because of the curves, and the lack of panel edges.I guess the proof is in the pudding,

The vinyl available now is so much more advanced than what we used 5 years ago, especially the adhesive. I guess we will find out in 5 years time whether it lives up to its word!
Until then I should probably get on with stripping the donor,

My sill repair panel has arrived from flea bay, looking at everyone else's builds I believe all of my welding will be under the kit, still will try to get it as tidy as possible.

The donor car seems in pretty good shape mechanically, one lady owner since import

The paint is really poor, covered in tree sap but who cares, the engine is sweet, nice to drive a rwd car without traction control,
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