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Well after a long trip at work and a holiday I am back on the Alpha. After a catch-up on the forum that took a while its nearly 2 months since I last looked.

Keith thanks and yes cas coatings is the one I used.

Micky1mo time is getting short for the summer but I am determined to have the Alpha on the road this summer.

So I pushed the Alpha out to have a look in daylight.

I am still not happy with the front wheel arches for the clearance of the arch around the wheel. I know the car was originally made for 14 wheels and I had

fitted the bonnet slightly higher at the front. I decided I have to get this right. So back out with the foam tape rule marker and grinder.

The next few photos show me modify the front arches again.

The arches went much faster this time and not many plastic clothes pegs were harmed this time lol.

This just left me time to start adding filler to fibreglass.

So with a bit of luck or good time management I should get to fill both arches tomorrow and smooth off.
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