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Thanks Lucky@LeMans. Not quite what I'm asking though.
If we could keep answers to what I'm asking please.
I'm fully aware of the IVA's thoroughness, and fully support it, and am also aware of what is required.
IVA document is with me in PDF and hard copy and nothing apparent to get a check.
IVA centers, Norwich is my closest, are currently closed til the end of June due to Corona Virus.
I've spoken to a very nice lady at the DVLA IVA center and she has drawn a blank, hence asking on here.

Please don't find my reply derisive, I'm just the kind of person that likes a straight answer, to a straight question being asked.

What I'm after is an independent specialist to go over my chassis, and get their opinion and help to build the safest and best chassis possible before I build the car up.

I'm good... very good at what I do, and I understand what needs doing... but I'm not a specialist.

I would like said specialist's input.
Thank you
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