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Default Fibreglassing Tips & Tricks

Hello beautiful people!

I'd like some help and advice on my first outing into using fibreglass.

My Bellicose project has stalled and I think I can kick start it and work quicker with fibreglass.

My plan is this.

Finish the rough shape with the expanding foam as I have been.
Cover the car in parcel tape (as resin shouldn't bond to it).
Fibreglass the car with two layers 300gsm + two layers 450gsm + two layers 300gsm + one layer tissue + one flow coat of resin.

Put filler where needed.

Sand like mad, then spray primer filler a few times and sand like mad again.

Wet sand to lovelyness.

Then be ready to take a mould off my lovely new car.

Firstly does that sound like the right thing to do? Can anyone see any massively gaping holes in my plan?

Secondly does anyone have any tips to help me along my way as I've never used fibreglass before (properly in anger).
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