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Originally Posted by smash View Post
Onwards and sideways. Resolving issues and some issues yet to resolve...

The good stuff - replaced the Lucas rear lights with the proper jobs. Surprisingly straight forward swap.

Trimmed the boot. Unfortunately all the original boot trim was junked by previous owner so I'm looking out for the inner arch trims. The pics probably flatter it but I'm happy with how it's come out - unlike my back which us screaming! Should've jacked the car up. Doh!

Next up some headlining issues and switcg out door cards for the Classic Coachworks versions I shouldve got to start with then on to the exterior. It's crying out for the rain gutters and chroming.

Does anyone who's used chrome wrap reckon you could do the window frames? Toying with the idea of stainless U section cap to sit over the frames but tight on gap.

Basically it's all details now.
The chrome wrap can work really well. The biggest issue I have found with wrap are the edges. If they can be concealed and covered over so much the better. If you can do it in one piece without joins it will look better.
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