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Originally Posted by NeilF355 View Post
Agreed, but this is the bit that worries me - If they do succeed in establishing that a car design is a "work of art" then all car designs would fall into the same category and therefore have this same copyright protection currently enjoyed by works of art, musical compositions, books and plays.

This type of copyright is automatically applied and lasts for the life of the originator and to the benefit of his/her estate for 70 years after his/her death.

Meaning that virtually all replicas, such as cobras, lotus 7s (except maybe caterhams) Ferrari and Lamborghini replicas etc. will be in violation of this copyright
Might depend if you have an exact toolroom copy, accurate in every last detail or something that is just a similar shape on the outside. Most kits and replica's fall into the latter. Take a tape measure to most and they will be miles out in just about every dimension. For the most part they will have a very different chassis and running gear too.

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