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Old 14th April 2012, 18:55
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Default Spyder active aerodynamics!

I just noticed on a quick run to the local shop for Cider where i HAD to take the Spyder (well... it wasn't raining so it just _had_ to be done ), that when i get above 55mph the slack is taken up in the current bonnet straps as bonnet lifts slightly due to the air flowing over it causing low pressure (There's a diagram in an Air Cadet ACP somewhere for anyone who cares) therefore creating a more aggressive angle on the bonnet and therefore causing the front end of the car (that isn't be sucked upwards) to be pushed down more and creating better front end grip!

At least that's what i beleive it's doing based on what "some bloke" said on the interweb!

Who needs multi million pound R&D studios, you just need a couple of talented blokes from Poole and a shed load of filler!

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Old 19th April 2012, 18:58
The 1958 Rocker The 1958 Rocker is offline
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Default Front ender

Yes, I can confirm that thirty years ago I had a Jaguar 240 which I rebuilt completely. One day I was late picking the girl friend up from work so had to "put my foot down" (Read drive at full bore all the way) I new I was going fast as the speedo needle was gently run ning back and forth over the 120 mph digits, and the car felt like the front was low. Grip was excellent with very positive non power steering. When I saw a friend of mine that night he said he passed me in the oposite direction and the front was so low the front number plate was sparking on the road. I wasn't aware officer but can confirm we walked outside and sure enough my number plate was a little narrower trhan in the morning.

Looks like we might have to call Mr Janes, Mr Lyons-Janes!!
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Old 20th April 2012, 07:52
Straight Sixer Straight Sixer is offline
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Jaguar alegedly discovered downforce by accident back in the early '60s.
When the low drag E Type was built, the back end was too low and grounded when they tried to get it onto a transporter, so they made the swept up back underside to give clearance with the result that they created downforce, which they could only measure in a crude way via rolling suspension measurements.

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