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Marlin 5exi builds Calling all you sexi builders....sorry 5exi builders, show us your progress.

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Old 13th April 2010, 11:18
rob101 rob101 is offline
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Default Help with my late husbands 5 exi

My husband built a 5 exi, it is all but finished just needs a few bits doing. I have all the information about the build and photographs of every stage. What I need is some advice on what on the earth to do with it.

Rob built it 3 years ago, it has been garaged and is brand new. Sadly he died in a motorcycle crash 7 months ago.

I would be grateful to anyone who might be able to give me some advice on what to do with it .


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Available from eBay
Old 13th April 2010, 12:23
Chris Cussen's Avatar
Chris Cussen Chris Cussen is offline
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Sorry to hear your sad news.
This site has a 'for sale' section.
You can also find 'for sale' in the Marlin Owners web site
This site also sells interesting cars
Failing that there is always ebay, though I'd recommend sticking a reserve on it.

I can't guess at the value, perhaps one of the 5exi builders can give you some guidance.

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Old 13th April 2010, 17:39
bigrich's Avatar
bigrich bigrich is offline
Senior Member
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From a practical point of view I guess you would like to get rid of this car fairly 'hassle free'.

I'd suggest a few options(not in any order):-

1) Give Terry at Marlin a call.....she has no cars for sale on their website at present and may take it off your hands.

2) advertises for kitcars to buy. They may buy it from you.

3) Pistonheads has a website with classifieds on....there is already a 1600 5exi for sale on the site at £5250.

.....I am in Cheshire (Crewe area).....and built and registered my 5exi back in Sept 2006. If you are close by I can visit to see what needs to be done to the car to finish off / advise?

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Old 15th April 2010, 08:04
limpabit's Avatar
limpabit limpabit is offline
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Hi Lesley.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

It really depends on what you want to do with the car. If you just want to sell, really as above.

But if you want to keep the car and get the car on the road, I'm sure we could arrange a 5exi get together and help complete the car. Or ask Marlin to complete the build.

A 5exi gathering/photoshoot maybe in his memory in either as is or completed form?

What ever you would like.
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Old 16th April 2010, 07:38
rob101 rob101 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: cheshire
Posts: 3
rob101 is on a distinguished road
Default Thank you

Thank you for all your advice.

To be honest I just want to sell the car , me and my daughters find it painful seeing it there and it is time to move on for us. If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in it please let me know. It really is a beautiful car he made a great job and it was his pride and joy, nothing that went on it was cheap believe me much to my annoyance at the time. Thank you again, Lesley
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Old 16th April 2010, 19:11
eaa53's Avatar
eaa53 eaa53 is offline
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Smile Practical advice and things to assemble

Practical advice is where I believe where you need to be.

If anyone is going to help we (the forum members that can help) need an assessment of the cars condition. BIGRich (Richard) can I am sure arrange that for you and let us know. If you have not already PM'd him via the forum (Personal Messaged) Richard for contact details then I am sure BigRich will contact you with the details.

There is detail you also need to assemble if there is to be any progress long term.

First the car without an IVA test is practically valueless to all intents and purposes, others will disagree with this statement but the reality is that the SVA/IVA rule changes mean that a-an-other owner who is not the builder will need to jump through hoops to get it tested. The 5Exi is notoriously difficult to sell at anytime, unregistered its almost a give away.

Perhaps Terry and Mark can assist but the facts of the matter are that as a commercial company they will likely want to pay very little for it, no disrespect to Marlin but that is what I would expect from a commercial sale. I could be wrong, perhaps a call to Terry as suggested by BigRich would provide the detail of such a transaction.

The items that will ensure progress are the original Marlin invoice, this identifies the chassis and the associated components as new and helps the process on.

The second thing that is essential is build photos, without these VOSA will not even accept the application for a test. Whether this is you or a nominee or an new owner the evidence required is the same.

The third item of use will be the engine and gearbox origins, if it was a donor car the V5, if they were new the original invoices are what is needed.

Once the car is tested then it has some real value, expect approx 50% of the build value on the open market at this time.

This all assumes it is close to completion, if its close then there is good reason to get it complete, I know of one person that maybe prepared to take that work on at cost.

If its actually a long way from IVA test condition the project is going to be a huge loss overall.

I hope this factual detail helps you make a choice. If you just want it gone i.e. “just get rid as soon as possible at what ever cost”, that is a whole different scenario.

I truly hope this helps.

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Old 17th April 2010, 16:44
Alth Alth is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2005
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Alth is on a distinguished road

Hmmm, well I was going to say I would be interested, but I hadn't factored in all of the stuff above..

It has been a while since I looked at kit cars, this IVA sounds like a real pita!
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Old 19th April 2010, 19:56
KrazyKen KrazyKen is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Bristol
Posts: 65
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I am so sorry to hear of your sad news, I have recently bought a motorbike for some fun and your posting has certainly made me think again. I will probably sell it on and be satisfied with my Marlin 5exi.

I would recommend that you take Big Rich on his kind offer to inspect the car and advise what needs to be done. Richard is a genuine guy who made a superb job of his 5exi build and will be able to advise you as someone who has completed a build and knows what to do from experience. Once Rich has inspected the car I will be happy to speak with Terry at Marlin who I have a very good relationship with if you want me to. If you would like to discuss this with me you can ring me on my mobile 07900 007 747.

Hope this helps, Kind regards

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Old 19th April 2010, 22:25
JAC.Sports's Avatar
JAC.Sports JAC.Sports is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Swindon
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Just thought I would add a little to this, I actually made the trip up to see the car on Friday afternoon (16th) and had a quick scan of its condition. Lesley did say it was complete all but the MOT, IVA and DVLA Reg and from the looks of things this seems to be correct, there would probably be a few small things needed once its had a good going through but nothing major from what I could see. I believe that once through the tests, it would go onto an age related plate, which is believed to be a 1998 R Reg, due to the donor. I haven't seen the paperwork as it was with someone else so not 100% however it does look likely from what I have seen. The car is in Black with NO doors, and is fitted with the Rover 1.6 Twin cam. It is also running the Mrk 1 rear suspension (narrow hubs) with the bolted on rear cross frame. I know Lesley is not looking to give the car away but is aware of there value and I did mention to her about Marlin taking it off her hands but not sure if she has spoken to Terry yet. I was hoping to take the car away and have it tested & registered and then sell it, as it would be a little easyer, but money is just way to tight at the moment, hence suggesting Marlin.

Hope this may answer a few questions,

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