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Miglia Builds and discussion Miglia bodied builds

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Old 22nd March 2024, 08:14
deni deni is offline
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deni is on a distinguished road

Hi Tim,

Sorry for the late reply.

Nice to hear you're close to the finish line. Sorry to hear you're having problems with fitting the doors and the windscreen - I'm not at that stage yet, but I already know I'll have an issue with the bonnet and door fit, but I'll cross that bridge later...

I'm nearly done with all fabrication, so to finally have a moon buggy, I will also need the help of a car mechanic with starting the car, testing that my brake line installation was good and the wiring.
After that I will put the body on and that would be a milestone for me!

By the way, I like the rattle can painting approach, I might do the same when the time comes

Can I ask please, what bonding paste you have used to bond the body to the subframe?

Thanks, Deni.
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Old 26th March 2024, 23:56
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1iTim 1iTim is offline
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Hi mate, good to hear youre at that stage. I have the original starter motor and its fine when warm and primed, but it disengages whenever the engine half catches, so pretty irritating to try start sometimes, Thinking of getting a modern one but trying to only spend needed money. these cars are mechanically very simple. get a service kit with points etc and you should be good unless theres some surprises like stuck pistons, or diz problems (mine had been reasembled wrong, and did not have its bob weights fitted)

I asked my engineer about body attachment, as i have heard you chaps talk about "bonding paste" whatever that is. His suggestion was selleys "sika-bond foamfix +" which is an expanding adhesive that he said would be good, and would absorb shock, and would expand to pretty much all the metal frame (straight) to fibreglass (curved). Rather than put paste or glue on and drop the body over, I have measured and chocked and measured and re-measured (and have one more remeasure to do now i see that the left tail ligghts look a smidge lower than the right) and have bolted the body on prior to using the foam glue.

For the bolts, i have drilled through the body in 2 points a side by the bonnet, 2 or 3 across the dash, 3 places in the door sills, three places in the back just behind the seats, two at the rear near the tank, and 2 on each side, with stainless m5 countersunk hex bolts, and tapped into the metal bodysubframe.

these bolt threads I covered in moly grease so the glue wont grab them, so i can then glue it up without the stress of sitting the body on wrong. the countersunk heads look ok too, but they may get removed and filled - not sure.

really i need to get back onto this don't I?

best, Tim
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Old 11th April 2024, 12:00
deni deni is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 292
deni is on a distinguished road

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the info mate, it's very helpful. I was also planning to use a few screws or bolts here and there as a positional reference points but I wasn't sure, so thanks for mentioning it.
Expanding foam sounds interesting - didn't think of it as an option. I will have to research a bit more about it, but the fact that it will expand and fill all the gaps seems really effective.

Yeah, I can't wait to reach this stage and I will try my best to reach it as soon as possible.

Good luck with your build and keep us posted mate, it would be nice to hear about your build progress.

Cheers, D.

P.S. If you would be interested or want to post some photos, there is explanation on how to do it now in my blog, since the things changed on this website. I had a problem with posting the photos too, so Paul L kindly posted the explanation and since then I'm able to post the pics again. It's on page 13 by the way.
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Old 11th April 2024, 13:20
deni deni is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 292
deni is on a distinguished road

Hi all,

Just wanted to check, I have recently fitted GAZ adjustable shock absorbers with shorter springs. I have expected the wishbones and the steering rack to change their angle, but I am not sure if this much change is ok (please see photos).

Any comments will be appreciated.

Cheers, D

P.S. Sorry, but I don't have clue why the images have rotated and I don't have a clue how to fix this either.

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