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nutter 5th March 2010 10:30

Just wanted to know what people have done with regards for instruments

Used Donor? Honda/Rover/Audi?
Used Digitial all-in-one dash?
Used custom dash? What instruments? ETB? What size 100mm or 80mm? etc etc

My current thinking is I am going for 80mm ETB with white dial, red needles, brushed aluminium bezel, and a range of 52mm dials to complement them.

Thoughts, advice and tips please

Chris Cussen 5th March 2010 11:25

Used ETB gauges on my cabrio. They seem to be good quality, no more expensive than off-the-shelf gauges and worked first time.

The speedo was a doddle to set up after I got my sums right

I went for chrome bezel, black dials with white needles and legends.

I did cock up the mounting of the speedo sensor though. I put the magnets on the prop shaft just at the gearbox tail and the sensor on the gearbox mounting bracket. I had a problem with the gearbox moving and tried to move the read-off point to the diff, and in doing so broke the sensor and magnets. ETB sent me new ones within a couple of days of a phone call.

limpabit 5th March 2010 13:57

Just used standard Rover gauge that came with a mk3 Rover. Electric speedo. Sensor wire was included in the Marlin loom so just used it. Only needed a switch positive and earth on the sensor end and worked ok.

Original speedo (early Rovers) used cable speedo drives. Not electronic.

Have been thinking about other istruments. I did like these, but is a bit pricey!

alackofspeed 5th March 2010 17:25

I used a Civic Type-R instument cluster, and have since added an oil temp gauge - glad I did, as initially track oil temperatures were problematic.

DavidH 6th March 2010 23:18

I am using an all in one digital dash - Dash 2, paired up with a DL1 datalogger. Both from Race-Technology, they have integrated well with Rover Sensors and have plenty of capacity left for some more tricks post IVA when I really start building the car.

JAC.Sports 8th March 2010 20:39

I'm using Revotec individual gauges, which are smiths just with a different faces;

80mm Tacho & Speedo,
52mm Oil Press, Oil Temp & Water Temp

I have a PI Research Omega 2 Dash Kit with a Clubman logger on order but not due till the autmn & they are good but not sure about IVA compatabilty.


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