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ElysianPirate 28th March 2019 06:36

Hey everyone!
Hi to all.
Just joined and Im guessing this now counts as Social Media - forgive me Im not good at this stuff....
Have just purchased kit to create 250swb and politely enquire if anyone would like to offer the one piece of advice they wish they knew BEFORE they started?
Or any other words of advice of course more than welcome from your respected peoples.
Best wishes and deepest regards

Paul L 28th March 2019 07:00

Welcome to the forum. :cool:

I'd suggest you ask this question in the Tribute Automotive sub-forum here:

Also, have you read any of the SWB250 build threads?

If not, you will find links to many of them if you work your way through this thread:

Good luck, Paul. :)

ElysianPirate 28th March 2019 07:35

Thanks and oops
Thanks Paul

Said I wasnít good at this stuff. I thought I had posted to Tribute group. Iíll try again lol.

In the meantime.


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