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Originally Posted by Munky View Post
There’s lots of love all over the Internet for these cars.
I frequent this VW site and there’s some serious love for Sammio, Tribute, migila and others.

I find it interesting reading what others think to the hobby.

And if anyone thinks the state of UK cars are bad, you should come to the US. In my state, if it dives, you can drive it. No inspections. There are some real heaps crawling around on the roads!

Interesting thread,

They do like the kits on the whole but seem to be knocking the prices for finished cars asked, as some people have said on here the cars are worth more than the sum of parts.

A lot of love for the Formosa shown, and with out trying to divide opinion they do seem to prefer the Scimitar underpinnings. I think this is mainly down to it being a bit more modern.
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