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CATEGORIES (articles) > Motor Sport > Terminology > Lift off oversteer explained

Lift off oversteer explained

Lift-off oversteer (also known as trailing-throttle oversteer, lift-throttle oversteer, or drop-throttle oversteer) is a form of oversteer in an automobile that occurs when the vehicle's weight shifts from the rear to the front too quickly due to throttle release while cornering. Specifically, the reduction of weight on the rear tires decreases their surface area on the road surface.

This oversteer is often more pronounced in rear-engined cars with rearward centers of gravity such as older Porsche 911s, though technically any vehicle can experience lift-off oversteer. Various suspension enhancements, such as a Weissach axle or a multi-link suspension, can limit a vehicle's tendency to oversteer in this situation. Additionally, firmer suspension systems reduce the amount of nose-dive, hence maintaining a larger contact patch on the rear tires.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Motor Sport > Terminology > Lift off oversteer explained

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